The Interdisciplinary Development Working Group consists of faculty and student members from various departments at University of California Santa Cruz. If you are a faculty or student interested in membership, please email

Anjali Arondekar, Feminist Studies
Jeffrey Bury, Environmental Studies
Ben Crow, Sociology
Kent Eaton, Politics
Flora Lu, Environmental Studies
Andrew Mathews, Anthropology
Steven McKay, Sociology
Jonathan Robinson, Economics

Graduate Students
James George Beneda, Politics
Abigail Brown, Sociology
Christopher Butler, Sociology
Kevin Cody, Sociology
Shun-Nan Chiang, Sociology
Anjali Dutt, Psychology
Adam French, Environmental Studies
Ariana Kalinic, Sociology
Meenoo Kohli, Sociology
Susan Paterson, Economics
Sarah Romano, Politics
Costanza Rampini, Environmental Studies
Stephen Sepaniak, Sociology
Heidi Stauffer, Earth Sciences
Tiffany Wise-West, Environmental Studies

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